You know those pseudo-documentaries where family people get to stack up
all the packets, cartons, tins full of the stuff they eat in a hungry year
and you’re gobsmacked by the heft of the scale of this scandal of food hidden away inside paper, cardboard, metal, plastic, and try not to picture the passage
of it all through those smiling smug bigheaded mouths into the dark and out?

Also, remember that day we walked round le corner and there stood Strasborg
Cathedral nailed against the blooded cloud table of the Alsace? That was a big day. You said, ‘You see, he died for me.’

Or if you can’t recall that, what about the supermarket in New Jersey where it took half-an-hour to go the length of its patient queue of trolleys?

I could go on, but to get to the point I want to make –

that’s how much you owe me. That much. (I’m stretching out my arms here wide as hell).

What do you mean, what about you?

What about you?