you will find it all easier than you think-
every day a sunset, every corner
an angel. You don’t need to think
that you’re homeless; every corner
is a resting place. Most of what you think
is not as stupid as you think; a corner
of your mind is calm. Don’t over-think
your every move. Each new corner
of the street shows another view; think
how many blocks of stone, with corners
gilded have one-way signs. Stop. Think.
But not too much. Look, the corners
of your eyes are bats trying to think
of which way to fly, straight, or round corners;
let them go. Only one angels exists – think
of how many don’t know this! When corners
of a palace are swept clean, do you think
the king and queen dust and mop? No corner
is touched by their fat hands. They think
only of love and decompostion. Corners
crammed with gemstones? Don’t even think
of this as wealth! Real wealth is heart, has no corners
where shadows blink. You will be fine I think.