Today’s ad hoardings along Winterstoke Road. 76% of our children get grade C and above. We heat cheaper. Gets you to places you’ve only dreamed about. Sizes to fit your purse. This way, for comfort. We care about your money. Safe place for the things that matter to you. These, like quotations from an obscure spiritual tradition. No church, just words.

In Ashton Court, an oak umbrella drips down our collars. The raised question, is this blue? Look, pointing; it is blue! An edgy hesitation combats the drop in temperature. I demur. No blue. Not blue. At best, grey with attitude. Blue only if you think white isn’t purple. Context is god. New motto.We walk with this new revelation soaking through our socks, those most vital vestments. Context. Is. God. I wish I could tell everyone. Or just one professional.

According to the notice, the deer over there are all voting UKIP. They are fed up with what looks like a bloody leaf invasion. Antlers, and such a pale coat. The wind is proud to be British. It knows it will win the war.