the prince refuses to take the advice of the sage; not yet, he says, when I feel better. The sage shakes his wise old head.

the prince on the advice of his head refuses the sage, shakes his sage, old, wise, but not yet.

the sage refused, shakes, the prince advises taking the head, says, not yet old.

the head shakes itself at the wise old advice; prince and sage agree; not yet.

the wise shake; not yet better, I, I, I; prince is sage to refuse the head.

Head, sage, prince. Better advice shakes; I refuse.

Head-wise, the prince’s advice is better, says sage to better.

sage says – feel head; then shake take wise advice refuse; in that order, prince.

head shake wise; refuse take better. Old Prince to Sage – better?

Better to feel wise, Prince; better I shake Sage; which is better? Refusal!

Refuse and shake; prince old, sage better; old advice.