‘…a man of 87 crawled under a lorry…’
‘… he watched from the toolshed….’
ordinary, ‘….a deficient ball-cock….’
‘you do your job… go away in the night…’

i quote. Why must we leave the safety
of the story?

‘Model boats… i’m ready.’
It’s true, we all need hobbies
as we wait for the call
from upstairs. Thugs as we are,
we are right to wonder
at the speed of the upfill
of the cistern. Why so slow?

To keep on with what we know
would be a kind of heroism
in other circumstances. ‘Our comfort…
rheumatism on the job.’ He asks
‘Why did you stop the car?’
Too early. ‘ What town are we in?’
He’s right – things have tightened up.

Why must we stop the action?
The dark and the bright show.