I am mentally sound.

I took the quiz

and proved

conclusively that I                                                          am




for example, do             you

think murderous

thoughts when

you are asked

if you think                                                          murderous

thoughts? I am mentally

sound, according to

the fifth question – do

you imagine

yourself to be


tender and                                                        powerful

in light snow? I do. Is                                                          distance

a problem for you,

geographically? Theologically?


I sketch the close link

between my nose

and the ceiling

in winter’s darkest hour.

I used to be mentally sound as a child,

before we had a fridge, and cobwebs spoke nonsense.

When my cousins put pennies up their fannies

they were diagnosed as richer that we boys.

In Russia, mentally sound

bodies float

face down

in icy sumps of vodka – they

pass the test of soundness.

I am not saying that Einstein is right;

who believes him anymore