The next time you hear a robin sing in your garden,

remember a long-lost episode from Doctor Who

– (gutted by the king’s troops in 1644).


The tower house surrounded by a curtain

33 million years ago, songbirds regenerate a branching pattern,

(New Guinea barely existed in Erskine.)


Save for Antarctica, blue tits in the Tardis, magpies

preached in the chapel of Dun, the three of them

island-hop to the planet Vulcan. (A tiny pterosaur),


William Hartnell, before the changes in the mausoleum,

is poorly preserved, bone-hollow as John Knox, that

Presbyterian (1.5 metres wide, an aridification).


Gutted? A glance at a globe of family trees, evolution

only aired fully in New Zealand. The wingspan of the chapel

foundations (a castle the size of a small challenge, 4’11”)


has eager viewers. Long-distance dispersal, a handful of clips

originating in Australia, The Virgin Mary, a clergyman, Polly and Ben,

outdoors that day, listen, glance, ( a telltale) (Antipodean) twang.