You begin to feel impatient with lively ideas,

leisurely activities, relish.

A touch rebellious re the angles of Uranus,

one’s difficult issue is friendly get-togethers.

Intuition harnesses optimistic lack of ambition.

Advice – trip alone in your mind using stellar tandems.

Unhappiness is familiar in

the lifestyle zone of restless angles.

Patience runs out. Seeds capture nothing.

Consider adaptation to another way.

Setting out for lesser stars.



Grip ruthless no-chances.

Potential Lunar items

determine signals in waning plans.

A sacrifice option conjoins valuable awkwardness,

smoothes niggles,  willingly tracks solitude.

Intense-relaxed, pursue

ideas related to fading harmonies.

Tricky navigation of

the shadowed Jupiter situation.


Lingering emotions tempt

insignificant interpersonal

worries. Without direction,

avoid the right one.

Now is the rational time.

Dissolve into doubt.